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Winton Student Voice and Character Development

At Winton Academy we are focused on the holistic development of all of our students; academic excellence is absolutely critical, however, we believe that young people should be consistently given the opportunity to develop true character skills which enable them to believe in themselves, drive change in their own lives and lead change in the world around them. As a school we are focused on challenging our students and pushing them beyond their comfort zone in a way which supports them in developing confidence, emotional resilience, passion and ambition. There are a variety of ways we provide these opportunities for our students:

Student Voice:

At Winton Academy our students are at the centre of everything we do, it is our students that drive both themselves and the school forward and it is their voice that is heard the loudest. Students and staff are able to communicate honestly and frequently to ensure that Winton Academy is able to provide for the needs of all students effectively. Each tutor group has a student appointed leader that represents them at regular meetings with both staff and the senior prefect team.  These meetings provide an opportunity to share ideas and discuss issues affecting the student body.

House System:

The house system is an integral part of life at Glenmoor Academy. All of our students are proud to belong to one of the houses: Lulworth, Purbeck, Kimmeridge, Chesil or Brownsea. Each house has a student appointed House Captain who leads the house throughout the year in a wide variety of competitions. Students are awarded epraise points for excellent academic, sporting and artistic achievements which are added to their individual house total and the coveted house trophy is awarded at the end of each academic year.


At Winton Academy we are focused on providing students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills. This is critical for their success in the future, both at University and at work. We have an exceptional team of student prefects proudly lead by our Head Boy, Jamie Handitye. The majority of our more senior students apply for this role and it allows them the opportunity to shape the school and give something back. Our prefects act as ambassadors for the school, role models to younger students and are actively involved in school assemblies, school events, academic departments and the day to day running of the school.

At Winton Academy we STRIVE:

At Winton Academy our students are encouraged to STRIVE. We encourage our students to be:

S- socially minded

T- team workers

R- resilient


V- visionary

E- expressive

Our STRIVE program is delivered through a series of assemblies lead by both staff and students. Students participate in STRIVE related activities with their tutor groups and each student and staff member will be challenged to take on their own STRIVE challenge throughout the year. We also encourage students to email Ms Cartlidge ( their staff or student STRIVER of the WEEK so that anyone who demonstrates the Winton STRIVE ethos can be celebrated and shared to help further inspire others.




High Achievement, High Standards

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