Welcome to Winton Arts & Media College

Can I welcome you to Winton Arts and Media College.  I am the Executive Principal Ben Parnell and have been leading this school for the past three years. 

At Winton we have three very important core values which we want everyone connected to the school to work within including:

  • Compassion – Being at the top of the non-selective league tables takes hard work by all parties and we need to understand that this is sometimes difficult for individuals unless we are able to talk with each other and look to understand why things are difficult
  • Courage – I expect all staff, students and parent to show courage within the school.  We need to have the courage to be the best that we can be every day
  • Integrity – I need all people connected with the school to work for the best interests of the students all the time.

I am really proud of the achievements we have made as a team including being top of the non-selective league tables in Bournemouth for the last two years.  Examination performance is critical in giving young people life chances.  Our performance in English and maths has been exceptional and this is an area we are investing in so that students always leave the school with the skills needed to succeed in any line of work.

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Winton & Glenmoor Federation Pastoral Vision

Recently, all staff at Winton and Glenmoor have had an input into creating a new Pastoral Vision which we would like to share with our local community. Pastoral care here at the Federation is of the highest importance and staff have collaborated to generate a vision and agreed that it will be at the centre of our thinking.

"The well-being and safety of our students is of utmost importance centred around a thriving and secure learning environment. Students are supported and encouraged to foster ambition, aspiring to successfully and responsibly contribute to the wider community. Children develop confidence and self-esteem to be active lifelong learners"