Key Dates for Y7 2022-23

1st March 2022 - On Time Offers

15th March 2022 - Deadline for accepting offer

1st April 2022 - Deadline for appeals (on-time)

1st July 2022 - Taster (Transition) Day

Admissions Document

PAN Information

Due to pupil numbers across both Academies exceeding our total PAN and Net Capacity, it has been agreed with BCP admissions that the Academies can cap numbers for the following year groups:


Winton, Year 11: Numbers capped at 170


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for a school place?

    All applications for a place at our Academies must go via the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole portal.

    Apply for a secondary or upper school place [External Link]

    The closing date for on time applications for a place in Year 7 for 2022-2023 is 31st October 2022.

    Late applications for the 2021-22 Year 7 cohort cannot be made online.

    You can download the application form from the BCP website, which needs to be returned to BCP (not to Glenmoor & Winton Academies):

    For 'In Year' admissions, please visit the link below.

    Changing Schools During the School Year [External Link]

  • Am I on the waiting list?

    If a parent applies to the Academy and are unsuccessful, they will automatically be added to the waiting list unless they stipulate otherwise. Towards the end of each academic year, the Academy will make contact with parents to ascertain whether or not they wish to remain on the waiting list for the next academic year. Anyone who does not respond will be removed from the waiting list and will need to reapply with BCP to regain their place. Please note that it is the applicant's responsibility to update all contact details with BCP and the academy admissions team. 

    Waiting lists are ordered using the same criteria listed in our Admissions Policy.

    Please note that your position on the waiting list can change throughout the academic year. If you have applied and wish to know your position on the list, please email 

    The Academies are currently very over-subscribed (meaning that we have more than our allocated 180 students per year group) and therefore it is unlikely that we will be able to offer any places from our in-year waiting list at the present time. We will only offer from the waiting list once the year group you have applied to has fewer than 180 students (with the exception of Year 11 which has capped numbers, see below).

  • I live in [Location], will my child be offered a place for Year 7?

    If you are applying based on distance, then this distance is measured in a straight line from the school to your home (as defined in our Admissions Policy). The list is then sorted from closest to furthest away. This distance is calculated by BCP using GIS. We do not have a catchment area and we do not have a feeder school.

    We are unable to tell you whether your address is guaranteed to be within the offer distance, as this changes each year.

    To view the last offered distance for secondary schools in the BCP area, including Glenmoor Academy, please visit the following links:

    2021 School Allocation Summary Sheet [External Link, PDF]

    2020 School Allocation Summary Sheet [External Link, Word Document]



  • Will I need to give proof of address with my application?

    As per Note 4 of our AY2-23 admissions policy, the Academy reserves the right to ask applicants to provide additional evidence in order to verify addresses and/or other details provided.  

    New Year 7 2022-23 

     Due to the unprecedented demand for places and several false applications discovered during the last round of main admissions, we kindly ask for parents to provide evidence of the child's home address, as given on your application. As outlined in our admissions policy; “the home address where a child lives is considered to be a residential property that is the child’s main or only address during term time.”  

    We ask for TWO of the following pieces of evidence.  

    • A recent utility bill – electric bill, water bill, etc. 

    • A recent credit card bill or statement  

    • A recent paycheck that confirms your address 

    • A recent one-off bank letter  

    • A recent social insurance statement 

    • A recent bank statement   

    • A recent letter from a public authority, e.g. a court 

    • Your car’s registration   

    • A rental or mortgage contract or statement 

    • An official change of address form  

    • An recent insurance policy for your car or home 

    • Driver’s licence  

    • A DD214 – official documentation that you’ve left the military 

    • Confirmation of voter registration  

    • An official letter from your employer or school, on which your address is confirmed  

    Please note that recent in this instance would mean within the last 3 months.  

  • What happens if I move after my application?

    If you have moved address for any reason since making the application, it is your responsibility to update BCP Admissions, as well as the Academies, with your new address. If it is determined that a school place has been offered based on an incorrect or intentionally fraudulent address, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a place, as per our Admissions Policy.

    For the 2022-2023 Year 7 cohort, we require that we are notified of any address change before offers are made on the 1st March 2022. If you move address after the 1st March but before the start date in September 2022 this does not necessarily mean that your child no longer has a place. However, we do require proof of address at the time of application along with proof of your current address so that we may update our records and ensure that the admissions policy was administered correctly at the point of application.  

  • My child has two homes - which address should I use?

    A reminder of Notes 4 and 5 in our 2022-23 admissions policy for separated parents/carers:  

    Where parents/carers are separated, it is essential that agreement be reached by both parties concerning the nominated preferred schools. Where a child spends part of their week with one parent and part with the other, only one address can be used. This must be the address at which the child spends most of their time during term time at the point of application.  

  • How are 'siblings' defined for admissions purposes?

    As per our admissions policy, brothers or sisters are defined as:

    • Half or full brother/sister
    • Adoptive brother/sister
    • The children of parents who are married or cohabiting

    In each case the brother/sister must be:

    • Living in the same family unit at the same address AND
    • Attending the Academies in Year 8-11 at the point of admission in September.

    If the sibling is in Year 11 and will be leaving the Academies at the point of the Year 7 admission to the Academies in September, then we will categorise your New Year 7 Cohort application by distance, not as a sibling.

    For in-year applications, having a sibling in attendance will not guarantee a place however it will put your child in a higher position on the waiting list than those sorted by distance.

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